Canine Herpes virus as a genital infection in the dog

C. Linde Forsberg

Published in Jack Russell Terrier Magazine 2/2023.

Canine Artificial Insemination – State of the Art

C. Linde Forsberg

Published in Great Dane Magazine issue 2/2020

Intra-Uterine Insemination in the Dog

C. Linde Forsberg
In: Recent Advances in Small Animal Reproduction
P. W. Concannon, G. England and J. Verstegen (Eds.)
Publisher: International Veterinary Information Service (

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Reproductive patterns in the domestic dog — A retrospective study of the Drever breed

B. Bobic Gavrilovic, K. Andersson, C. Linde Forsberg

Fertility and fertility problems in the Chowchow, mainly an autumn breeder

Abstract; C. Wikström and C. Linde Forsberg

Induced immotility using the CLONE chilled semen kit during long-term storage at +5°C does not prolong survival of dog spermatozoa

A.K.M. Shahiduzzaman and C. Linde Forsberg

Effects of breed, age and season of the year on fertility in the bitch.

C. Linde Forsberg

Influence of glucose and fructose in the extender during long-term storage of chilled canine semen

Suppawiwat Ponglowhapan, Birgitta Essén-Gustavsson,

Catharina Linde Forsberg

Reproductive patterns and problems in Swedish and Finnish Lapphund bitches; a comparative study

LindaMari Berglundh, Kjell Anderssson,

Catharina Linde Forsberg

Artificial insemination: State of the art

Catharina Linde Forsberg

Shipment of Chilled and Frozen Canine Semen

C. Linde Forsberg
In: Recent Advances in Small Animal Reproduction
P.W. Concannon, G. England, J. Verstegen and C. Linde-Forsberg (Eds.) Publisher: International Veterinary Information Service (

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Biology of Reproduction of the Dog and Modern Reproductive Technology

C. Linde Forsberg

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Reproduction of dogs in the tropics 

Antonio Ortega-Pacheco
Doctoral dissertation (2006)
Advisor C. Linde Forsberg

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Daily progesterone fluctuations during the estrous cycle in the bitch

C. Linde Forsberg, B. Ström Holst and M. Forsberg

Reproduction and reproductive problems in the Dachshund bitch

Abstract: Alexandra Lindfors and Catharina Linde Forsberg