Import News:

The EU has decided that on April 11th 2023 it will de-regulate the Directive (EU)2020/686 about the movement of dog semen between the EU Member States, which came into force 2 years ago. As a consequence, dog semen can again be sent, under veterinary control, but without the additional costs for an Official veterinarian and the TRACES-certificates, Remaining requirements are that the semen preparation is done by a licensed veterinarian, who signs a health certificate and an ID-control of the dog at the time of semen collection. And that the semen doses are marked with breed, identity, date for the semen collection, and at which veterinary clinic this was performed.

Concerning the new regulations pertaining to imports of dog semen from countries outside of Europe, we are awaiting further information from our Competent Authority, Jordbruksverket.


Until April 11, the following applies:

Due to new EU directive ( 2020/686)  we refer to EUR Lex document 32020R0686. Link below: