Current prices 2024

(VAT incl., freight costs excl.) Prices in SEK

Service and price (out of hours work +50%)

Consultations in connection with import/export or artificial insemination (by phone or e-mail) 800 – 1.200 SEK (or more depending on time).

Fresh semen collection and assessment 2.500 SEK.

A second fresh semen collection on the same day 1.500 SEK

Blood sampling (brucella canis/leptospira/leishmania)(laboratory cost not included) 850 SEK in connection with other procedure + lab cost, or 1.600 SEK if separate + lab cost.

Freezing of semen (sampling, semen assessment, freezing, test thawing, semen storage contract) 5.800 SEK for the first freezing. For additional freezings from the same dog 5.300 SEK or 3.800 SEK for a  second ejaculate collected on the same day.

Storage fee for frozen semen/dog/year 2.250 SEK.

Rental of dry shipper 3.700 SEK incl. nitrogen.

Filling of dry shipper from another clinic with nitrogen 1.000 SEK.

Deposition of semen for storage in the semen bank 1.000 SEK when all documents are in order, otherwise/hour.

Withdrawal of semen from the semen bank to be sent to another clinic 1.000 SEK.

Change of ownership of semen in the semen bank (new contract) 1.000 SEK.

Preparation of chilled semen for transportation and cooler for transport of chilled semen (temperature in box stable for 48 h) 5.500 SEK

Freight administration within the EU 1.000 SEK,  outside the EU 1.500 SEK.

Artificial insemination with fresh/chilled/frozen semen (1st) 6.000 SEK (out of hours 9.000 SEK).

Repeated insemination 5.000 SEK (out of hours 7.500 SEK)