Current prices 2020

(VAT incl., freight costs excl.) Prices in SEK

Service and price (out of hours work +50%)

Consultations (phone or e-mail) 500 – 1000:-

Semen collection and assessment 2000:-

Blood sampling (brucella canis/leptospira/leishmania)(laboratory cost not included) 850:- + lab cost

Freezing of semen (sampling, semen assessment, freezing, test thawing, semen storage contract) 4600:- for the first freezing. For additional freezings from the same dog 4100:-. 2600:- when second ejaculate is frozen on the same day.

Storage fee for frozen semen/dog/year 1875:-.

Rental of dry shipper for 14 days 2500:- incl nitrogen (1000:- per extra week)

Single use dryshipper incl nitrogen 2500:-.

Filling of dry shipper with nitroge 600:-

Deposition of semen for storage in the semen bank 600:- when all documents are in order, otherwise/hour

Withdrawal of semen from the semen bank 600:-

Change of ownership of semen in the semen bank (new contract) 600:-

Preparation of chilled semen for transportation and cooler for transport of chilled semen (temperature in box stable for 48 h) 4000:-

Export administration within EU 650:- outside EU 850:-

Fresh semen AI (1st) 4000:- (out of hours 6000:-)

Repeated insemination 2800:- (out of hours 4200:-)

Chilled/frozen semen AI (1st) 4500:- (out of hours 6750:-)

Repeated insemination 3000:- (out of hours 4500:-)

Extender for chilled canine semen and a kit for convenient transportation of chilled dog semen Chilled semen extender (a detailed instruction for how the semen should be handled is included)

Price  upon request

We also provide an extender, based on the Uppsala Chilled Semen Extender formula, without the addition of egg yolk, to be used when collecting semen from dogs with prostatic problems. In such cases the semen can be contaminated with urine and/or blood. By adding 1-4 ml of the extender sperm will be protected from osmotic changes and toxic influences from the seminal plasma.

Price upon request

Kit for transport of chilled semen 750:-
The kit contains:
1. Chilled semen extender 4 ml
2. Cooler with 2 freezing blocks, which will keep the temperature at the appropriate level for 48 hours
3. Sterile tube for storage of semen 4. Syringe 5ml